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Coyote (softcover)

Image of  Coyote (softcover)


Through his stunning photography, Wyman Meinzer chronicles the life of the coyote from a flea-covered, one-pound fuzzball whelp into a glistening, furry jewel that moves with fluid grace across the Texas plains. The coyote has become the symbol of western freedom in popular culture, and historically its range was limited to west of the Mississippi River. Yet now in spite of a hundred-year effort to exterminate this wild caninecoyote howls can be heard from Los Angeles to the Bronx and from Alaska to Costa Rica. Apart from the mythology, until recently little has been known about this intelligent, adaptable creature. As he did with "The Roadrunner", Meinzer gives us a personal account of the years he spent observing and photographing this often maligned animal. Seasoned with humor and poignancy, his observations give us a glimpse into the heart and soul of this intelligent and adaptable native North American.

"Coyote" is a fine overview, covering in an informal way the major aspects of the coyote story, from its status as a demigod to the Plains Indians to its socializing and vocalizing habits. - Austin American Statesman