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"Charles Goodnight: A Man For All Ages"

Image of "Charles Goodnight: A Man For All Ages"


In fall 1916, Charles Goodnight invited the people of the Texas Panhandle to his ranch to witness an event taken from the pages of history. A party of Indians from Oklahoma, he announced, would hunt one of Mary Ann Goodnight’s bison in the traditional way from horseback and with bow and arrows. Word spread quickly, and Goodnight had no idea of the excitement and anticipation that his announcement would create. The idea of holding an old-fashioned buffalo hunt grew out of Goodnight’s desire to perpetuate his life’s work and to develop his ranch as a bison park. His life’s work to this point culminated in establishing himself as one of the pioneers of the cattle industry in the Texas Panhandle, as well as a leader in plains conservation.
Wyman Meinzer, the Official Photographer for the State of Texas, and B. Byron Price, the Director of the Charles M. Russell Center for the Study of Art of the American West at the University of Oklahoma, explore Goodnight’s history and offer insight into the life of this Texas legend. (Shipping September 25th, 2012)