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Horses to Ride Cattle to Cut: The San Antonio Viejo Ranch of Texas

Image of Horses to Ride Cattle to Cut: The San Antonio Viejo Ranch of Texas


For over three years now, I have been posting photos from a location in the Wild Horse Desert of south Texas. It is now time to unveil the source of those images and announce that we are in the process of publishing a large format book, with text by Texas author Henry Chappell, about this crown jewel of hidden treasures that define this region of south Texas.

For over 100 years this ranch has been a virtual time capsule, nurtured by the love of a family whose lives have been shaped by the culture and life way of an older Texas and our southern borderland. Now, after over three years of exploring, photographing and somewhat living the legacy of this 150,000 acre land mass in the Wild Horse Desert, we are offering an intimate glimpse into the ranch known as "San Antonio Viejo," or, "The Old Road."

"Horses to Ride and Cattle to Cut: The San Antonio Viejo Ranch of Texas," will be a read and visual tour unlike any in recent memory. The land was one born in dreams of Tom T. East and Alice Kleberg after their marriage before WWI. The struggles, the sacrifice, the battles, and the eventual triumph, is a story of great inspiration for those who appreciate both the mental and physical strength of the old ones who dared to risk it all in order to achieve the eventual goal that began as a young couples dream over a generation before.

Within these pages will be a visual treat of the history, land, fauna, flora and weather that define this last frontier in the Wild Horse Desert, and with a text that will transport the viewer onto the very land and into a reading adventure defining the hardships, sacrifice and the fascinating culture that is old time Texas along our southern borderland.

With an early order you will be assured of a first edition copy of this exciting new release defining the 100 year history of San Antonio Viejo, in Jim Hogg County, Texas. Join us in a celebration about the love and lives of the Tom T. East family and the great ranching empire both Tom and Alice Kleberg East built as an everlasting tribute to the ranching heritage of our state, and the continued work of their sons, daughter and grandchildren in perpetuating that legacy as one of our crown jewels of Texas ranching history.

Book Size: 12" x 12"
192 pages
Reg. Price - $75.00
(All copies are signed by Wyman Meinzer)

Excerpt from book:

"The epidemic burned out, and San Antonio Viejo began to recover as the old routes came back into use. In 1857, Lieutenant Colonel Robert E Lee, on his way back to Camp Cooper from court martial duty at Ringgold Barracks, camped at the "San Antonio Wells," where, according to his letters, he watched mustangers catch twenty colts and a roan mare, and admired a striking iron-gray mare."