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Southern Plains Bison - Resurrection Of The Lost Texas Herd

Image of Southern Plains Bison - Resurrection Of The Lost Texas Herd


Beneath the brilliant sky of the Texas panhandle grazes the remnant nucleus of the ancient herd that was almost lost, a blood line whose genetic code still remembers the primal howl of the extinct Texas buffalo wolf, still prepares the remaining few for flight at the long lost smell of the hunting Comanche, or propels them to stand and fight to the death when recourse offers no other choice. At Caprock Canyons State Park, the lost Texas herd of Southern Plains Bison now thrives under the watchful eye of personnel from the Department of Texas Parks and Wildlife. With the herd size increasing annually and their new found home encompassing over 10,000 acres of state park property, this indigenous herd of Southern Plains Bison once again graze peacefully beneath the shadow of the caprock escarpment, once again to retrace the lost trails of those ancient millions before them.

In their third collaboration, Wyman Meinzer and Andrew Sansom will let you experience, up close and personal, the resurrection of the lost Texas herd.

Cloth, 168 pages, 10.5" X 8.8"