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Texas Seasons


Text & Photography by Wyman Meinzer and Ray Sasser

"Texas Seasons," (along with "Texas Whitetails" and "Texas Quail") is the latest publication in the enormously popular series depicting the widely diverse sporting life in Texas.

Beginning with the opening day of dove season, the calendar event that ushers in the first of a series of annual hunting rituals, Texas Seasons highlights the hunting and fishing opportunities of a state that offers more than twenty species of resident and migratory game and fifty different species of freshwater and saltwater game fish.

Whether it's pheasants and sandhill cranes in the Panhandle, mule deer and pronghorn in the Trans-Pecos, snow geese and redfish on the Gulf Coast, monster whitetails near the Rio Grande or monster bass near the Red River, co-authors and photographers Ray Sasser and Wyman Meinzer have captured the thrill of the great outdoors as reflected in the sporting seasons of Texas.

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