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The Roadrunner


For everyone who loves the bird we call roadrunner, camino corres, paisano, chaparral… Southwesterners are well accustomed to this sleek, mostly brown and white, long-tailed nemesis of coyote as it darts across roads or perches on a post or branch never too far from the ground.

Equally familiar is the stylized image of the roadrunner, which adorns everything from Native American pottery and jewelry to clothing and logos. Clearly the roadrunner continues to thrive as a cultural icon. Yet no other study comes close to equaling Wyman Meinzers stunning classic, now available in this tenth anniversary edition. Meinzers photo study is his personal account of the years he has spent observing and recording the daily routine of several roadrunner families. Through his lens, Meinzer chronicled roadrunners courting, mating, nesting, hunting, and rearing their young.

Punctuated by humor and poignancy, his story possesses an unmatched connectedness and insights afforded only those who develop a longstanding relationship with their subjects of study. Many of the roadrunners that Meinzer recorded became comfortable with his presence one even permitted his assistance in catching a lizard. Though it is hard to improve upon a classic, this new edition, celebrating the books tenth year of publication, includes a new preface from Meinzer and several new photographs, including that of a rare white roadrunner.