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Whitetail Rattling Expedition - San Antonio Viejo Ranch 2019


In the vision of many photographers, historians and outdoor enthusiasts, the idea of a chance to experience wilder and less traveled regions or land masses, is very profound. Half a century ago ones chance of being a participant in such an adventure might not have been such a rare event. Today however, these almost “frontier” expeditionary opportunities have become virtually non existent, with the exception of one, located in the Wild Horse Desert of South Texas.

The San Antonio Viejo Ranch, under the leadership of the East Foundation, is a 150,000 acre ranch in both Starr and Jim Hogg counties of south Texas. This expanse of native range has been off of the public grid for over 100 years. In the span of a century, the “Viejo” was owned by the Tom T. East family, whose appreciation of privacy and the sanctity of their land is legendary. A family interested almost exclusively in horses and cattle ranching, but also possessing a sincere appreciation for the history and natural fauna of their ranch, the Viejo, in essence, is a time capsule that has been explored only recently with the published production of, “Horses to Ride, Cattle to Cut: The San Antonio Viejo Ranch of Texas,” Badlands Productions with Texas State Photographer Wyman Meinzer and award winning author, Henry Chappell.

Behind the gates and fences of this great south Texas ranching empire, the Viejo has been a near wildlife sanctuary for a century, with no commercial hunting allowed on the vast land holding.

Without the interest and photographic endeavors of Alice Kleberg East (1893-1997), chances of a glimpse into the long and colorful history of the Viejo would have been vastly reduced. Thus now, in the spirit of Alice East, the East Foundation and Wyman Meinzer will follow the lead of this legendary matriarch in celebrating the land and life of the San Antonio Viejo by offering a photographic expedition, the first being three events, each two days in length. Because Wyman will be guiding participants after wild creatures, a maximum of two participants will attend each photo safari, with the intent of photographing whitetail deer on this expansive wildlife sanctuary and working ranch.

I hope you will join me for this once in a lifetime experience. WM

Proposed Dates for December 2019-
December 17-19
December 20-22(SOLD OUT)
December 23-25 (SOLD OUT)

Because there is a limited window of time for a photographic expedition of this sort, only three dates are being offered and only two participants will be signed up for each proposed expedition.

Cost per participant - $4000.00

50% non refundable deposit required to hold your place
*Fee includes instruction by Wyman Meinzer, room, all meals, drinks, snacks, and transportation while on ranch*

Participants will also receive a signed copy of "Horses to Ride, Cattle to Cut, The San Antonio Viejo Ranch of Texas" and a 12X18 signed copy of the print accompanying this invitation titled, "Gladiators of the Wild Horse Desert". *Print Valued at $1250.00*

Proposed itinerary: (Please insert dates you chose)
Day 1-
Clients arrive by 10:00am - check in
Lunch - 12:00
Full afternoon afield
6:00 - Cocktails (Lodge)
7:00 - Dinner (Lodge)

Day 2 -
Morning afield
Lunch served on location
Afternoon Afield
6:00 - Cocktails
7:00 - Dinner

Day 3 -
Full Morning afield
Depart After Lunch

(First photo above was taken on The San Antonio Viejo Ranch in December 2016.) Titled "Gladiators of the Wild Horse Desert".