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"The Patton" - Hand Crafted Enclosed Reed Predator Call


On October 17, 1965 a friend and I decided to try our luck at calling up a predator near our home on the old League Ranch in Knox County, Texas. I had never called in a predator prior to this day and at the age of 14, I was bursting with anticipation at possibly seeing my first coyote respond to my feeble attempts at “whistling” in a dog.
The ranch had several pastures and the one we chose that day was called the North Patton, a 3,000 acre area described by very broken badlands with juniper over story in the rough country and mesquite in the more deep soil locations. The silty badland areas bleed runoff water into Buffalo Creek, a meandering and often boggy arroyo that offered its churning red waters to the wide and slow moving current of the Brazos River, about one mile away.

Ascending a ragged hill and selecting our locations, I initiated the first squeals off of my hand made call, probably not sounding too alluring as it was one of my first tries at blowing a coyote call. Needless to say, I was surprised if not almost alarmed at the sight of two coyotes running parallel to my position on the north side of the hill. The day before had been a busy one in trying to sight in my Marlin 30-30 rifle that was topped with a 2 1/2 power Westernfield scope. I had used almost all of my ammo and on this day, had only 2 rounds left with which to hunt. As the coyotes sped away at top speed I leaped from my hiding spot and stood off hand for a shot. At the crack of the 30-30 the rear coyote began to roll and continued in that motion for several yards. In stepping off the yardage I was amazed that I had hit the coyote with a lucky shot at a distance of 247 yards. It is on that day that I was hopelessly hooked on calling predators and have continued to enjoy this great sport for over 47 years. Yes, it was in the old Patton pasture that I was baptized in the art of calling wild predators.

Over a period of years I have been asked on numerous occasions to start a line of calls for folks who wish to either use them for what they are intended or even as collectibles. In these times of mass production and "cloning" of almost all items, I think the time has come to sparingly create these custom calls on a limited bases and offer them in two styles, both of which I use in the field. One is the enclosed reed model which is easier to use, especially for the more novice callers, and the open reed, a more professional instrument with an exposed reed. I will create the calls using several types of materials including cedar, mesquite, bois’ d arc, deer antler, cow horn and bison horn when available. Each call will be hand made thus it will not be perfect or identical to the last one either in size, configuration or sound. Each is unique and has its own personality. I will initial each one and brand it with my personalized coyote track insignia. Also, each style of call will be named according to locations where I have called over the past 47 years. For instance, there will be the Red Creek model, the Wolf Creek and Dark Canyon. For each I will relate a story from a time in the past when I was indeed there on site with a call in hand.

Each call will be accompanied by a 4X6 signed photograph of a coyote coming to a call and a letter of authenticity.

No. 1 - “The Patton” - Since the Patton pasture was the first place I ever tried my hand at calling and since I was a novice when I attempted the feat, the Patton will be an enclosed reed call. When ordering, your name will go on a list and I will make each one according to that list and send them out as I complete them.
Wyman Meinzer

Wyman Builds A Predator Call from Wyman Meinzer on Vimeo.